RESCUE Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum review

Rescue remedy is another brand I recieved in my bride to be voxbox. The product I received from them was their natural stress relief gum. You heard it right, stress relief gum. Who knew right?!?

Anyways this stuff is amazing. I know quiet a few people who chew gum to relief stress. Well what if the gum they chewed contained all natural ingredients that help you relax. I know this sounds almost to good to be true but its not. I tried the gum for myself and it works.

I am a stay at home mommy. I run this blog. I am also a partner, maid, chef and complete multitasker. I get stressed a-lot. When I tell you this gum is the real deal I need you to go buy a pack and try it for yourself.

The flavoring of this gum is hit or miss. Your going to love it or your going to hate it. I personally love the light citrus taste I get with this product. The flavoring may not last long but the stress relief last around 2 hours. 

My boyfriend also loves this stuff. It actually is helping him to quit smoking. He chews gum to keep his mind of a cigarette but being a electrition he can easily get stressed by his fellow construction workers. With this gum being a stress relief he is able to chew the gum and not get stressed during the day. This means not cigerate for him. I am so happy about this.

**I received this product as part of a influenster box I am not required by any means to write this review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.**

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