Pine Bros Softish Throat Drops Review

The cold weather is officially upon us. Change in the weather often results in colds and viruses.  Fight your sore throats with Pine Bros softish throat drops. Pine Bros is a company that had been around for along time, to be exact they were established in 1870. Given the fact they have been around for so long I thought I would have heard about them but I never knew this kind of product existed. Thanks to the generous people at Pine Bros I was able to try the flavors strawberry and honey.

Now I know you are probably wondering why are these throat drops considered soft. Well it because these throat drops are actually soft but firm. With the soft texture of the drops it actually makes for a more pleasant throat drop experience, especially if your throat is really raw. Unlike many other cough drops you do not have the nasty after taste or the menthol.

The wild cherry flavor is not too sweet at all. The taste is actually more of a natural dried strawberry. Half way through the drop you will notice that it loses it flavor but now you can actually feel the drop soothing your throat.

The honey flavor is amazing. I am going to be completely honest here. I hate honey. I was scared to try it but for my readers sake I did. The honey drops are sweet and have a very mild taste. So if like me if you don’t like honey do not be turned away by the flavor.

I would defiantly recommend these throat drops to almost anyone I met. Even though the texture may not be for everyone these drops are defiantly something you need to try out. If you haven’t seen these throat drops don’t worry they are making their way back into the market and can be found at your local CVS for about $3. The product will come in a 32 count bag or 26 count pucks.

You can order Pine Bros here.

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RESCUE Remedy Natural Stress Relief Gum review

Rescue remedy is another brand I recieved in my bride to be voxbox. The product I received from them was their natural stress relief gum. You heard it right, stress relief gum. Who knew right?!?

Anyways this stuff is amazing. I know quiet a few people who chew gum to relief stress. Well what if the gum they chewed contained all natural ingredients that help you relax. I know this sounds almost to good to be true but its not. I tried the gum for myself and it works.

I am a stay at home mommy. I run this blog. I am also a partner, maid, chef and complete multitasker. I get stressed a-lot. When I tell you this gum is the real deal I need you to go buy a pack and try it for yourself.

The flavoring of this gum is hit or miss. Your going to love it or your going to hate it. I personally love the light citrus taste I get with this product. The flavoring may not last long but the stress relief last around 2 hours. 

My boyfriend also loves this stuff. It actually is helping him to quit smoking. He chews gum to keep his mind of a cigarette but being a electrition he can easily get stressed by his fellow construction workers. With this gum being a stress relief he is able to chew the gum and not get stressed during the day. This means not cigerate for him. I am so happy about this.

**I received this product as part of a influenster box I am not required by any means to write this review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.**

EverEZlashes Review

I received a pack of everEZlashes by kiss in my bride to be voxbox. I featured my box earlier this month you can read about it here.

Typically I am turned away from false eyelashes except for a grand event. False eyelashes have always seemed to be a hassle for me and I could never understand how people could put on false lashes everyday. Like where do you find the time to concentrate on putting on lashes?

What I love about the everEZlashes is that they are so easy to apply. It took me less then 5 minutes to apply these babies and they looked great. Why are these lashes so easy to apply? Well because Kiss came up with a brilliant idea to add red strings to these lashes. The red string allows to you move the lashes to the correct area without having to completely remove the lash and reapply.

These falsies are even re-usable if taking care of properly. If you are a beginner at applying lashes I would defiantly recommend these falsies to you. Even experiences beauty queens can appreciate the perfect easy application.

EverEZlashes retail for about $3 at your local drug store or mass retail stores. I suggest you go grab a pair and look great at those holiday parties you have coming up.

**I received these lashes as part of a influenster box I am not required by any means to write this review. All opinions are 100% honest and mine.**

JUPPY baby walker review && giveaway

My 8 month old son Lucas is trying so hard to stand up and walk on his own. As of right now he can only pull himself up and walk hanging on to things. I am helping him learn to take steps by letting him grab hold of my fingers and walk. This method though has started to hurt my back and his fathers back. Thankfully we were introduced to the Juppy baby walker. It is a lifesaver and a back saver.

What is the Juppy?
The Juppy is a alternative baby walker. It is actually the only baby walker that can fit in your purse. The Juppy comfortably lets your baby stand while you hang unto two straps that act as an extension of your arms. The straps allow you to stand up right the proper way.

Here are some quick facts about the JUPPY.

World Famous

Natural Way To Learn:NoYes
Builds Confidence :NoYes
Teaches Balance :NoYes
Annual Accidents:ThousandsZero
Fits in a Purse:NoYes
Parent Assisted:NoYes
Weight:15 lbs8 oz

How much is it? and where can I get it?

The Juppy is retailed at $19.95 and is available here.

Connect with Juppy:

The great people at Juppy have offered to giveaway a juppy to one of my lucky winners.
The winner can also choose to customize the juppy with their childs name.

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