Charmin Freshmates Review

Would you bathe with JUST a dry towel alone and expect to get clean?

I was able to try Charmin freshmates through a great program, Vocalpoint. Vocalpoint is a great site to get some of the best freebies around. Make sure you check them out.

Now to the Charmin freshmates, I must say these things are great. I must admit before getting my hands on charmin freshmates I would steal my son baby wipes. SHHH! we will keep that out little secret. Charmin freshmates are not fragrance free but the scent is little and extremely fresh.  

I have heard alot of complaints about the wipes drying up in the box but if you leave the wipes in the plastic it came in you won't have this problem. I tried my hardest to hide these wipes from my hubby because I knew he would use them all up and boy was I right. I opened my container thinking I was going to great a nice freshing wipe but instead was greeted to an empty container. How disappointing.                     

Everyone in the household loved the wipes and asked for more. I would defiantly recommend this product to my readers.

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